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6 tips that guide you how to pose beautifully for your Maternity Photoshoot

It doesn’t matter if you’re having your pregnancy photography indoors or outdoors, there are some foolproof poses that can help you to add variety to the session, focus on the bump, and make long-lasting memories.

Posing can also mean the difference between an okay photo and a great photo. Here are 10 tips to help you ace your maternity photo shoot at your next maternity session.

Mom Alone

Embracing your bump is the key to tender and meaningful photographs. Posing in flattering ways can also create more depth and warmth to the photograph. The best way to pose for a photograph is to behave you’re not being in one. Talk to your baby, and if that is making you photo-conscious, just give a smile while looking down at your bump. Think of meeting the baby. This will get more authentic expressions in the portraits.

Bending one leg can not only help to relax and shift the weight, but it also adds more interesting lines leading to the belly, which is the focal point of the whole session. Keep your hands moving as well as where you’re looking.  

Huge tip: Poke your neck out towards the camera and actually look at your feet. This will avoid getting any squished chins.

Dad with belly

Have your husband kneel and get close to the belly with both hands on each side. Have him talk to the belly and enjoy the closeness. Another great maternity pose idea is to have dad stand half behind the mom and place his hands on her belly. Letting him feel like a part of the maternity photography session is going to produce more intimate photos.

Props and Accessories

Maternity photography sessions are such a beautiful way to capture the parent’s excitement over meeting their baby soon. Many who know the gender of their baby, or have chosen names, will want to include that into the maternity session.

Whatever they decide to bring to add to the session, make sure that you pose so that the photographer can focus on both them and the prop/accessory.

Another maternity pose idea could be to hold the baby shoes at belly level and pose. You can get creative by placing letters or names. And when you’re doing this, make sure you’re not placing it on your belly. It will only make the belly look flat and bit awkward.


Wardrobe can offer the chance to be more into the maternity poses and add to the overall experience of the session.

Tight to the body dresses or shirts work well because they can highlight the bump more during the maternity session. Using belts above the belly also helps to accentuate the bump.

Legs and Hands

Maternity photography is all about the belly and to make sure the focus stays on the belly and couple, hands and legs are great tools.

Place both hands below the belly, one above the belly and one below, one above and slightly to the side and the other opposite. Or just rub your belly as you normally would if you were just standing alone.

Always try and place hands so that fingers are close together and hands are overlapping but not overwhelming the belly.

For legs, cross your legs if you’re is facing to the camera so that it can add more lines toward the belly.

In other pose ideas, bend one leg at the knee so that it gives you more shape.

Sibling Sessions

Maternity sessions don’t only focus on the belly, sometimes there are siblings at the session that also want to join in. This is such an amazing moment to have siblings interact with both mom and dad as well as the belly.

Try and take some photos of the family walking or playing and interacting. Add this element to the session will make it feel more natural and can help the sibling participate more willingly.

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